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Old Villages Corfu

Agios Mattheos

Small non touristic mountain village in the South of the island. You will love it when you decide to visit Agios Mattheos during the holidays on Corfu. Very old town in a marvelous walking area


Giannades, West central of Corfu, is a very old village, cling to a mountain side. Discover the life and houses as they were in the ol days. Great wandering area, lovely views over Ropa Valley, the flattest part of Corfu


In Lakones, an old village on the Corfu West coast, you'll have a great opportunity to watch how the people Corfiots used to live in the old days. They didn't almost change a thing! With spectaculair views over the Ionian sea


The old centre of Liapades is almost how it was 100 years ago. Watch this very old village of Corfu during your stay on this lovely Greek island. Meet the friendly people of Liapades and experience the traditional Greek hospitality


One of Corfu's ancient treasures; Magoulades. Sheltered from the Ionian Sea by a steep hill this small but beautiful mountain village is waiting for your visit. Spend some time of your holiday on Corfu to experience the typical quiet and friendly Greek atmosphere


In the lush heart of Corfu you will find this well preserved beauty named Makrades. A must visit during the holidays on the island. This mountain village is well worth the effort to spend some time, buy some local wine, fruit and honey and enjoy the beautiful surrounding

Paleo Perithia

Visit Paleo Perithia, the most famous abandoned village of Corfu. You won't be disappointed to spend some time of your holiday in this ghost town at the foot of the Pantokrator. Discover the ancient history of one of the oldest villages of Corfu

Palies Sinies

One of the best abandoned villages of Corfu. Halfway the Pantokrator you will find this outdoors museum in all it's glory and ancient history. Experience the mystical atmosphere and the great silence of this almost forgotten Corfian village


With a population of over 1000 inhabitants Sinarades is, for Corfu concepts, a large village. Still it's a humble place where the people do their things like they did it centuries before. Feel one of them, sitting on a terrace enjoying a good Greek meal in the sun

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