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Corfu Regions

Holiday Island Corfu is located utmost North of Greece and one of the so called Ionian Islands. It has approximately 110.000 residents, of which plus minus 10 per cent is foreign. Plus minus 40.000 of the population live in the capital city of Corfu, Kerkyra.
Corfu is also called the green island, because of its lush vegetation, mainly olive trees and also a huge amount of Cypresses. Because of a heavy raining period during the winter, combined with a certain wind, the island is very fertile. That's why Corfu is covered by a green blanket of trees, plants and flowers. Corfu has a coast line of approximately 200 kilometres with beautiful beaches of which some are very famous. Though there are many almost abandoned beaches as well.
We divided Corfu in three parts: North, Central and South Corfu. Here you can view some of the most beautiful spots of your favourite holiday island Corfu.

Central Corfu

The central area of Corfu is the transition from the more or less flat part of Southern Corfu to the rocky part of the island. With lots of nice beaches, mountain villages, the Ropa Valley and last but not least Corfu Town, a must see during your vacation.

North Corfu

The Northern part of Corfu is the most rocky part of the island. Many famous beaches like Acharavi, Arillas, Agios Georges and many more. Discover some the mountain villages when your here for the holidays. You want to see it all? Visit the Pantokrator!

South Corfu

The Southern area of Corfu is the 'flat' part of the island. A beautiful inland with several very old mountain villages, surrounded bij many nice beaches. If you are in the South of Corfu for the holiday, visit Lake Korrison, a protected area with lots of wildlife, birds and flowers.

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