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On Green Island you can find all the information you need to arrange a holiday on Corfu on your own conditions. You will find extended information about holiday accommodation, what to do during your holiday on Corfu, where to find the best Greek restaurants, Corfu holiday resorts and so on. Also Green Island provides informational articles about travelling to Corfu, how to buy the best boat- or plane tickets to your favorite Greek holiday island and all kinds of information when you are in need during your holiday on Corfu.
But ... there is always more. Below you can find some links to interesting sites about Greece in common and Corfu in particular.

Web Link Green Island

The Facebook entry of this website


Web Link Yacht Charter in Athens

We offer you the most memorable charter yacht sailing holidays in Athens.


Web Link Corfu Massage Therapy

Corfu Massage Therapy offers a professional 'to your door' massage service at a reasonable price for anyone visiting the beautiful Ionian island of Corfu for a holiday


Web Link Only Corfu Society

Facebook group with lots of information concerning traditions, customs and any kind of wildlife and flowers (orchids in particular) in Corfu. Also history of the island, musical events and other cultural activities


Web Link Green Corfu

All you want to know about alternative holidays and typical Corfiot products, or Corfu in general. If you are searching for a different way to spend your holidays in harmony with nature, or just want to know more about alternative lifestyles on Corfu, this is the website to be!


Web Link All Corfu

Another extended time table of buses on Corfu. With bus numbers. Better understandable than the other, but not from the official company. So don't blame us if it's incorrect!


Web Link Corfu Croquet Club

The official website of the Croquet Club of Corfu


Web Link X-Lovers

Facebook entry of The X-Lovers, one of the most popular bands on Corfu. Find out what and where they play


Web Link Green Island Blog

You want to know how it is like to live on Corfu? Read the Blog of Dick Mulder, writer of the Green Island site. By the way, you have to understand Dutch...


Web Link Aegean Airlines

For direct flight tickets to Corfu Click here


Web Link Green Island NL

The Dutch version of this website


Web Link Valentinos Apartments Corfu

Nice apartments in Roda, North Corfu


Web Link AgiotFest

Website about one of the biggest music festivals of Corfu. Check out all the information about the Fest, who will play, when and were will it be, latest news etcetera. You can participate this wonderful musical experience on Corfu


Web Link Arillas.com

Very extended information source about Arillas, North West of Corfu


Web Link The Agiot

This site is dedicated to Agios Ioannis, a small village in the heart of Corfu, with a big place in our hearts. It must be special because money visitors keep coming back, year after year, decade after decade


Web Link Buses on Corfu

Time table buses on Corfu. You can go all over the island without renting a car or a scooter! Cheap traveling through Corfu is possible with this site. Unfortunately not completely in English, but you will manage


Web Link Real Corfu

This real nice website will introduce you to the sights, sounds and people of Corfu, let you know about whats happening on the Island and immerse you in to the culture of Greek life. Corfu is an Island of diversity, vibrance and natural beauty and it is small enough to explore, but big enough to hide some of its treasures from all but the most avid adventurers


Web Link Corfu Forum

Dutch forum about Corfu


Web Link The flowers of Corfu

This website presents the extraordinary abundance of flowers on the island of Corfu. The flowers are displayed in family order grouped according to botanical systematics


Web Link Corfu Grapevine

This Facebook group was created with the foreign population living in Corfu in mind, where people from different nationalities communicate about whats going on at Corfu in the past, the present and the future

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