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Why Corfu

Greece may consider itself blessed to have so many holiday islands, visited by a relentless stream of tourists who want to spend their holidays every year at these gorgeous spots under the sun. Many of the Greek Islands are attractive for millions of holidaymakers. Corfu, the northernmost island of Greece, is one of the most popular holiday destinations for seekers of sun, sea and sand. However, if you are looking for more than that from your holiday destination then do not let this introduction deter you from visiting this magical island. Corfu can be visited on so many different levels.
Many people ask themselves: What is the charm of this Ionian island of Corfu? What makes this holiday island such a special place? Why is it so loved by hundreds of thousands of tourists? The simplest explanation for the popularity of Corfu is obvious; Corfu has everything the discerning holidaymaker is looking for! Convince yourself by checking the reasons mentioned below.


The Greeks have a great history. Not only in medical science, but also in art, music and construction. On Corfu you will find many remains of the Venitian, Italian, British and French civilisations. Check 'm all during your holiday

Party Island

Corfu is not only beaches, nature, sun and food. Holidays at Corfu is more than this! Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come back every year for the best time of their life. Enjoy the exuberant night life of Corfu

Corfu has it all

Corfu is the number one holiday island of Greece. Corfu has got it all! Beaches, mountains, culture, entertainment, sea, good weather, nightlife, you call it Corfu's has it. What else do you need for a wonderful holiday?

Corfu Flora

One of the nicknames of Corfu, is Flower Island. And it's true, Corfu is a paradise for flower lovers! So get off your back and watch all the colours that Corfu's got to offer. Discover all the beauty of this lush scenery called Corfu

Wine and Dine

Life's a party when you're on Corfu for the holidays. Sun, sea and sand the whole day long! That can make you hungry and thirsty. No problem at all. At Corfu there's a large variety of good bars and restaurants


Corfu was always one of the most attractive Greek islands. Not only for holiday seekers. Writers, poets, sculptors, painters, everyone wanted to be on Corfu. For the good life and for inspiration. So you're in good company when you visit Corfu


Holiday is supposed to be the best time of life to have fun. At a wonderful island as Corfu you will find all you need to have a great time. But it's a period to come at ease too! Not only for the body, for the mind as well. Read here how Corfu will help you...

Snakes on Corfu

Corfu shelters not only 100.000 Greeks and even more tourists during the holidays. With its abundant nature and perfect temperature it is also the home for many animals. Among them there's many reptiles. Corfu is paradise for people who want to watch and discover this beautiful species...


Yes, Corfu is the perfect holiday island! The beaches, the temperature, nature, the good food, the island feeling, it's all there. But it would be nothing, nothing, without the residents of the island, called Corfiots. Meet some of 'em

Corfu Fauna

Explore the beautiful fauna of Corfu during your holiday! You will be amazed by all the species that you will find if you take the time to look around. Insects, snakes, rodents, butterflies, cats, dogs, amphibians et cetera, you name it Corfu's got it


What's the secret of Corfu? Why is this small Greek Island in the Ionian Sea one of the most visited islands of Greece? Corfu has so many qualities, but it's more than that, it is an inexplicable feeling!


Corfu is such a musical island! Everywhere you can hear this typical Greek music played. In restaurants and bars, in stores, at the beach, all over the island. Wether you like it or not, it's always a party when the music is played live


The Greeks invented so many feasts, celebrations and festivals that they need a special agenda to keep them informed when and where to be on Corfu for another party. If you are on Corfu for the holidays, check the list to experience how the Greeks party...

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